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Wholesale Perfume & Cosmetics Drop Shipping Supplier is a customer oriented wholesale distributor that offers a Drop shipping service for perfumes and cosmetics. Are you interested in selling our products without the need to invest in a powerful stock? You may be interested in start a perfumery business online but you don't know how. Discover the solution and start a new business online with the help of our part or whole drop shipping service.

What Is Dropshipping?

If you are just beginning in perfume business and don't have the money or the space to maintain an inventory, you may be interested in the sales method known as "drop shipping". This sales method allows you to BEGIN YOU OWN perfume store without any cash outlay, without any perfume inventory, and without any risk. Here's a brief introduction step by step of how our services can help you earn a substantial income right from the comfort of home!

  • STEP 1
    Register an account (as a normal buyer) to send us an email with the email address you have used and we will upgrade it to a dropshipper one so you will be entitle to the discount (increase progressively according to the sales volume).
  • STEP 2
    You post your perfumes For Sale on the online auctions, your E-Commerce website, or wherever you feel you may generate sales. Once you receive notification of a sale, you simply collect your customers' funds for the retail price of that sale, being sure to have included all shipping and handling fees. You may choose to accept personal checks, money orders, credit cards, PayPal, or whichever payment method you would like when collecting payments from your customers. It's your business!
  • STEP 3
    After you have taken the order, You place the order online with After a product sells, collect payment from your customer, log in to your free retailer account and order the product at discounted price point, you put the shipping details of the customer choose your payment method add your details and thats it really.

    That's all there is to it! Your part of the transaction is complete. When placing your order, you will only be responsible to pay your exclusive member wholesale price for an item. In turn, you have already charged your customer the retail price and collected payment. The difference between the two would be your total profit on the sale. All you have to do now is calculate your profits and balance your checkbook!

  • STEP 4 will receive your dropship order into our database and begin to process it immediately and ship the order direct to your customer.

    The customer assumes the perfumes came from you and is not even aware of the prime source. No one will ever know that was ever involved in the transaction! All dropship orders ship according to our shipping regulations.

      We prepare all of our orders, Dropship friendly, meaning:
    1. Mark the packages as a gift
    2. No logos or any other indication of the company are shown on or within the package.
    3. We never include an invoice inside the package, as not to show the value paid for the product to your end customer.
    4. There is a Fragile Stamp on the package and air-bags within, as to ensure the safety of the products, during transportation.
    5. We send it from a physical name. You cannot choose the name of the sender, since we process hundreds of packages daily in our warehouses, and this is a standard procedure.
    6. The details are placed as a return address, on the side of the package, in case the package is Undelivered.

Our entire inventory is available on our website, therefore we do not supply any printed catalogs or materials. It is extremely difficult to keep a printed catalog current and complete. We also want to keep the cost of our perfumes at its lowest.

We try in every way possible to keep a generous stock of all perfumes, however there may be times when we run out of stock on a particular perfume. You, as well as all of our members, will be the first to know if an item is going to be on backorder. If this situation arises, we can usually have a shipment to us within a few days. You won't be waiting months or even years before you see a particular perfume return to stock. We don't carry an overabundance of merchandise simply to remain efficient and focused at what we do.

To sum things up, there are no hidden fees and our merchandise truly is priced for you to profit from! We are only an email away! If you need assistance or have a special request, let us know. Because we are not setup as a large volume call center, we find our Online Contact Form below to be an efficient tool for communication. Additionally, you can always reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email at [email protected] Your email will be answered in a timely and efficient manner.


STEP 1: Register an account with
STEP 2: You sell the product to a customer at the retail price.
STEP 3: You place the order online to us.
STEP 4: We ship the item directly to your customer.

Wholesale Dropshipping FAQ

Is there a registration fee?
No, we will not charge a registration fee and there are no hidden fees. You will only be charged for the products you order. We'll just need to check your business skills, and you'll be ready to start trading right away.

Can I see your price lists?
For reasons of confidentiality, only the operators registered at have access to our prices. Once your application has been accepted you will be able to log into your account and see our full range of products as well as the current price of each item.

Well, we hope this overview has helped in answering some of your questions, and we look forward to hear from you. As always, we take great pride in serving your business needs for years to come.

Have a great visit!
The Team

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